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Twitter nifty intraday trading Updates

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    Friday, August 19, 2011

    mkt ahead...19th aug 2011...

    as has been said for last more than 6 months about the nifty reaching towards 4700 and a roadmap chart/graphs also been posted on the blog, finally we're here to near 4800 ! readers had been previously been asked to book investment positions with accurate tgt 6340 and for those left with open positions on long term investments later on were advised to profit booking on bounce upto 5900 where indeed it went and turned back downward. and on final dip and bounce nifty could not cross even the initial fresh upmove decider lvl of 5700-5750 which was mentioned in my posts, thereafter coming down again on large selling and profit booking to 4700.

    have a look at march 2011 and before that forecasted map of nifty by me:

    so dear friends/readers, most stocks have come down heavily and looking good at cheap and attractive valuations. and after this big correction, the nifty is oversold on both eod and weekly charts and is near to major support 4780 or whatever and there is expected to be a bounce sooner but pls wait before making fresh investmnt.

    Sunday, July 31, 2011

    inflation rates...

    rate of inflation in india over a period of time and in some of the major economies of the world.

    In India the inflation seems to have peaked back in early last year and is tapering off thanks to the steps taken by the RBI. But as can be seen we still have high inflation rate CPI due mainly buoyant food prices led price rise which is not able to meet the huge demand supply gap owing to many factors. some GDP growth rate got sacrificed in checking the inflation. however if the RBI and the govt remains serious in controlling inflation and due to the actual effect coming after 4-6 month of recent rise in repo and reverse repo rates measure if the inflation rates gets checked below 6-7 mark till first quarter next year then it will be better as a whole for the economy.

    Monday, July 18, 2011

    mkt ahead...18th july 2011...

    as i had indicated repeatedly before that some sort of profit booking or correction/reversal would likely happen near 5700/5725 etc.

    finally we had near to short term reversal on triggering of 5600 spot on downside which was given as tsl for short term longs which were already in about 300 point gain earlier and so nifty is in near term downtrend with sideways consolidation in last couple of trading sessions.

    the previously given supports of 5450 and 5400 in the last post may be still valid for the short term uptrend from june lows.

    hence the broader near to short term range for the nifty seems to be in between 5400-5750 at present.

    for the near term trade positive only if nifty trades above 5654. for intraday one can trade long if nifty starts trading above 5597-5600 for 20-30 points.

    Monday, July 11, 2011

    mkt ahead...nifty 11th july 2011...

    nifty underwent a sideways rangebound profit booking till 5600 which was given as stoploss/exit for near to short term longs without breaking down below it and made a suprise upmove on thursday and did close  above 5725 but failed to close above 5700-5720 on last friday. hence a fresh bullish breakout on weekly charts was not done.

    earlier a brkout tgt from 5500 of  5750 from earlier triangular consolidation pattern is completed which led to profit booking on longs.

    so far a reversal in its uptrend has not taken place.

    as pointed out earlier, it is facing resistance at 5700 and may be still in that bigger downtrend(a brkout from which it can be freshly bullish upto 5800 and 5900 intitially. 5900 will be final deciding level for downtrend to end and will keep possibility of lows below 5177 open. but will it really go 5900 or above it cannot be said with certainty just now). support for short term is near 5450 and short term sl is 5400 which is the support on the trend channel.

    Monday, July 4, 2011

    mkt ahead...nifty 04th july 2011...

    nifty crossed the crucial resistance zone of 5610-5620 too and and did well for itself moved to next big resis of 5700-5720 of July and can get a reaction here so be cautious as it might show some sort of reversal or profit booking also. one can keep a tight sl of 5585(support 5600) spot cl basis if they have rolled over their nf longs. nifty would be freshly bullish only above say 5725 spot.

    Tuesday, June 28, 2011

    m kt ahead...nifty 28th june 2011...

    the public sector oil companies stocks and other counters continued their gains and kept nifty up in  yesterday's trade also.

    in the morning nifty did come down but remained much above 5400 and again started its upmove to take out the profit booking zone 5510-5520 quite easily, remained steady and closed above it. minor resis near 5550 and it seems is well poised toward that 5580-5600 lvl now. the near term support seems to have shifted up in 5400-5450 zone.

    Monday, June 27, 2011

    mkt ahead...nifty 27th june 2011...

    the nifty price had broken below the neckline of the suspected H&S pattern earlier when it went down to below 5200, on eod charts. its not yet broken on the weekly charts.

    on the back of short covering and buying in many frontline counters (due to oversold  near term charts and positive impact of weak global base metals and commodities as well as some resolution to the Greece debt issue and crude oil moving to near $90/bbl etc) and other stocks of the order of net 400 cr in cash by fii's the mkt rallied up on last friday with about 2.8% gains in a single day and the nifty moving up to near 5480 finally closing at 5471.25. it was expected that it would touch 5500 the next trading day before profit booking would kick in.

    but overnight a 1% downward closing in the dow, there is a possibility that the opening move on monday on nifty as a reaction and profit booking might bring it down to test 5390-5400 region. if that doesn't break then nifty might again move up to test resistance of 5510-5520 in coming days which may be difficult to cross. the sl for longs may be kept near 5335. the short term support for the mkt is 5200 and resistance is 5600. these lvls are clearly seen in the chart, the movement would be restricted within this range for some time.

    Tuesday, June 21, 2011

    mkt ahead...nifty view 21st june 2011...

    sudden slide in morning saw nifty breaking down below 5300-5328 region and almost testing previous crucial low of 5177.

    if in case it doesn't manage to respect 5177 then a test of 5050 etc may be possible. but if any bounce due to oversold nature on near term charts occurs would likely to be restricted to 200-250 points i.e upto 5500 lvl. sharp selloffs in stocks have also taken place.

    so where did all the selling come from?

    certainly not from cash , the net figure between fiis and diis comes to positive net 341cr !

    and fii derivatives data is not very clear on sell off. so we might get some pullback in near term.

    Sunday, June 19, 2011

    mkt ahead...nifty 20th june 2011,,,

    5600 was done again but 5700 was not reached since the bounce from 5328 just did'nt get pass the crucial resistances at 5600/5620 and profit booking coupled with net selling from fiis(net cash trading as shown in table below) ensured no more upside in the short term and brought it down again to lower lvls.

    right now the nifty is again touching the lower end of our trend channel that has served its purpose of predicting supports and resistances accurately for such a long time. a testing time of 5300-5328 zone, since any break and stay below the channel for short term means bearishness till 5177.  still some more time before we can call it out of danger in near term.

    as already been mentioned many times much before, there is a good bias toward 4700 once that lvl also breaks. the medium term has remained in downtrend since april second week, that intermediate top was also forecasted accurately near 5900-5950 as also the time.

    but maybe some pullback/bounce might stll occur from 5300-5328 region, which might give some respite.

    found something that someone might call a probable head and shoulders pattern forming on the nifty eod chart. once the 5300 etc breaks and if it goes down then minimum downside tgt then becomes 5300-600(distance of head from neckline of pattern)=4700 again the same figure.

    so trade cautiously and only in small lots. many stocks particularly from infra, telecom sector in smallcaps and midcaps do look attractive in near to short term but also keep overall mkt direction in mind while taking positions.

    Tuesday, May 24, 2011

    mkt long term view follow up and mkt ahead...24th may 2011...

    before nov 2010 i had given nifty tgt of 6340 and nifty reacted just 1.5 points below it and never saw highs again ! i had mentioned many times of lower tgt of 5400 after it broke below 5800 and thereafter a final tgt of 5200. as u have seen it went perfectly according to the script. thereafter i said a major pullback will occur and those long term investors that did not book profits when nifty was above 600 should utilize this major pullback to book profits and exit the market when nifty will likely go toward 5500 and 5800 lvls, at the most the pullback will go to the trendchannel upperside which was at 5900-5950 range. it was also given that medium term long positions could be taken near 5300 till 5800 etc.

    as u have seen nifty reacted exactly from 5945 and came down again in early april 2011 and retraced its entire upmove from the low of march(5348). i had predicted this intermediate top max till 2nd week of april 2011 on this blog.

    recently the dollar strength has made nifty continue its weakness bringing it below 5400 again and closer to the channel lower end near 5350.

    all this intermediate to long term move was well projected in advance and written here on this blog and later posted a chart also showing the likely long term movement path of nifty and this view which is so far come 100% accurate again and again like so many earlier projections of mine. this one being based on long term upward trending trend channel.

    pls also refer to feb and march 2011 and later posts and charts. e.g

    (to be continued)...

    the magic of two trendchannels(upward and downward sloping)

    forecasted map(updated):

    some bounce maybe from lower end of trendchannel due to near oversold on eod charts, may or may not be sustainable. however many months back since 5350 was then broken on weekly charts i had mentioned downside till 4800 most likely after pullback max upto 5800-5900, so were there after rallying to 5945 back to near 5350 again so lets see what happens from here on.

    if bounce does occur now near lower end of the trendchannel 5500 and then 5600 may be possible, but too early just now to say that.

    cash turnover by fii's and the domestic institutional investors in May 2011:

    Monday, May 16, 2011

    mkt ahead...nifty 16th May 2011...

    so the medium term downtrend from 5950 is still on.

    short term still ranged between 5440 and 5605. this has helped our nifty strangle strategy given on twitter.

    no fresh trades(long or shorts) as of now till the range is broken out on either side.

    positive bias if nifty manages to stay close above 5530 through the week, 5593 needs to be broken out eod for any near term upmove. 5620 and 5670 remain near to short term resistances.

    many months ago i had mentioned(probably in some comment section on this blog) that the dollar was just bouncing and no reversal had taken place, rightly so dollar index continued downward journey. but right now a nice pullback, looking at few days lagging data, from lows and divergence on usd-inr price rsi charts indicates that it may have already completed near to completion of its intermediate to long term downmove and chances of a reversal might be taking place, meaning a stronger dollar for short term(one month) is quite possible. and much stronger reversal if medium term weakness is also taken out(needs follow up in days to come to confirm on this). a stronger dollar-inr has recently meant money getting pulled out from the indian stock mkts.

    Wednesday, May 11, 2011

    mkt ahead...nifty 11th may 2011...

    the prev range roughly 5730-5950 was broken and a short to medium downtrend brought the nifty upto 5450 lvls(refer the earlier post on nifty for strategy).

    in short term the nifty is consolidating sideways between 5450 and 5750 and in near term sideways between 5450 and 5670 roughly. therefore it is imp that nifty stays above 5450 for any chances to move upto resis lvls and beyond in short term.

    immediate tgts to near term upmove is 5620 and 5670 but only if it stays above in intraday or closes above 5593 spot.

    in intraday the imp resis to upside reversal 5580 is already broken above so as long as 5500 is respected as support the bias is still up(the upward movement will be there for today if it stays above 5560-65 in morning or above 5520-25 at the close).

    Monday, April 25, 2011

    mkt ahead...24th apr 2011...

    since mcx gold has exceeded our intermediate to long term tgt of 22000 and no signs of profit booking. now raising the tgts to 22800 and 23800 and for very long term remains at 27500 or so. medium term support 21000 and sl below 20800.

    rangebound trade in nifty(although its in sideways down short term) between 5730 and 5950. near term trade accordingly. fresh positional longs only above(with sl 5940) or shorts only below(with sl 5800) this range for medium term although its in a medium term uptrend since mid-feb of this year.

    Saturday, April 23, 2011

    SILVER outlook(long term)...

    international silver prices nearing 20 year bull run since making low in the year 1992. the lifetime high of 48.70 was made in the year 1980 after which bear mkt continued till 1992.

    current upward movement may terminate near 49 in such case lvl of 28 may not hold on downside.

    but if a bullish break out closing on monthly occurs above 49-50, then the upward tgt becomes 61/66/77(in INR near 90000 or above) with a probable correction toward 30.

    Monday, April 18, 2011

    mkt ahead...nifty 18th apr 2011...

    nifty saw profit booking from mentioned lvl of 5950. currently rangebound between 5735-5950. play accordingly. continue short if breaks and closes below 5735 with proper sl.

    resistance to near term upmove is 5900 and stronger one at 5950. above the zone 5900-5950 only it may become freshly bullish for medium term as given earlier.

    Monday, April 11, 2011

    mkt ahead...nifty 11th apr 2011...

    nifty hit the falling tline and an imp resistance to its pullback at 5945.

    as was said repeatedly it will be freshly bullish only above 5950 or 6000.

    after touching 5950 profit booking brought it down to 5822 and closed at 5842.

    the weekly candle forms a gravestone like doji with open and close at 5842 and a longish upper shadow. which signifies nifty may be near a short term reversal point to its uptrend. early last month i had given time till second week of april for the pullback from lows of 5200 and this week we have hit the resistance as well as time frame for pullback so lets see. 

    as a trading strategy one can short lightly with 5950 as sl for near term if it closes few points below 5800.

    Sunday, April 10, 2011

    follow-up on commodities


    final leg of primary wave three of  cyclical V is under completion near $1460-1500/ounce. after which  fourth down till 1200 and if bigger then upto 1000 and final fifth up to 1800-1850 in the very long term remain.

    long term target of $1452/1462 per ounce on international trade completed. movement till 1485 etc cannot be ruled out there is no sign of profit booking yet. very long term tgt 1586 and thereafter 1800-1850 still in place after a good amount of correction.

    intermediate term tgt on mcx gold(cmp 21412 high 21459) still near Rs.22000/10gms, short to medium term tgts as given in reply in comments section 21460 above which 21800/21900. support below 20400.

    my very long term tgt on mcx gold is Rs.27000/10gms, before that a correction to 18000 and if bigger one the to Rs.15000/10gms as per wave theory.

    silver continues strongly trending up.

    on mcx silver(cmp 60483 high 60888) my tgt was 60000(not given here) but since it has crossed that, the next tgt could be about 63000, which is not far, with support at 56000.


    wti crude oil long term tgts $105/110/112/bbl completed in style. tgt of 120 remains. support near 96.50.

    if tgt 120 is completed and wti crude stays above 122-123 then tgt to be revised upwards to $130/bbl for long term.

    on mcx crudeoil(cmp5030 high 5098) my short to medium term tgt of 4940 and 5100 and support below 4400 as given on twitter and this blog is completed in style, still no sign of profit booking, if wti crude goes to 120 etc then mcx crude will also go to much higher lvls, current support below 4600.

    Friday, April 8, 2011

    mkt ahead...another major tgt on crude achieved...08th apr 2011...

    in yesterday's trade international crude oil(wti) achieved my 2nd major(long term) target of $110-112/bbl. more later.

    Thursday, April 7, 2011

    mkt ahead...commodities 07th apr 2011...

    one of the major long term tgts of mine on gold was $1452/1462 per ounce which was successfully completed on yesterday.

    would post an update on some commodities outlook in coming days.

    Monday, April 4, 2011

    mkt ahead...nifty 04th april 2011...

    well the nifty has hit the upper end of the rising trend channel. some sort of reaction may be expected from 5900-5950 range, trade cautiously on longs with positional stoplosses.

    it was a sideways 'inside day' trading on last friday. resis to brkout 5875 sl on downside 5778 in the immediate near term on cl basis.

    all the sectors showing just pullbacks from their previous medium to intermediate term bearish downtrend. except the IT sector which had undergone just a profit booking and is still continuing its bullish upmove.

    the nifty50 p/e graph:

    by using the valuations on current earnings of nifty50 stocks,

    the intermediate term supports shown by the thin blue horizontal lines comes to about 5270/5190 and then near 4850 on the nifty.

    nifty presently around 22 p/e which had offered large resistance to upmoves as well as pullbacks in downtrends on many many earlier ocassions.
    the intermediate term resistance zone as shown by the gray rectangle that offered resistance between year 2009-2010 comes to 6050 and above lvls.

    Wednesday, March 30, 2011

    previous nifty forecasted movement and tgt lvls till now(and afterward)...

    mkt ahead...nifty 20th mar 2011...

    after crossing 5500, each day the nifty is rising without any halt and buying seen in select large and mid cap stocks, and yet no all round buying in the mkt. right now it has approached very crucial lvls from where either it can turn down on profit booking or breakout on longer term charts.

    pls refer to my posts 10th feb earlier and later ones. i had clearly stated that any (fresh) bullishness in nifty will come above 5900, bottom will be near 5200 and on bounce exit for investors and trading long for short to medium term positional players upto 5550 and 5800 lvls for a better price. how many of the readers believed in what i had said?

    nifty has followed the same path as was forecasted and reached to 5800 today.

    referring to the above chart it is seen 5800 and 5900(current week falling tline resistance near 5950 looks difficult to cross)  are strong resistances to this pullback rally and above 5900-5950 range only if it stays consistently and for a longer time period, then a change of view of sell on rally to buy on dips may take place, but as of now i still tend to stick and maintain my views on the mkt.

    at any point if it looks like the longer term trend is changing to bullish or an attractive mkt to buy is emerging then i would update it here.

    Monday, March 28, 2011

    mkt ahead...nifty 29th mar 2011...

    the given nifty spot chart is self explanatory.

    i had given a hint in last post that one can go long/hold long above 5490-5500 closing for about 200+ point upmove.

    but nifty was extremely bullish on last friday and opened above 5500 lvl, stayed up and nearly hit the above tgt of 5664.

    large net cash buying by fiis can be seen on last friday.

    earlier the nifty had already broken above the falling short term trend channel as shown which had upper tgt 5664. infact in just a couple of trading sessions atleast 3 or more important brkouts have occured. now staying above previous high of 5600 it has the potential to go toward medium term resistance of 5800.  if the bullishness remains and nifty sustains higher lvls then 8-10% move in midcaps and 5-8% in large caps cannot be ruled out.

    but there are strong resistances like 200dsma at 5688 and 100dsma currently near 5750. the resistance zone is also shown on the chart. as such one should be careful here on the positional long trades and book profits/exit on any sign of weakness or reversal from this zone.

    Friday, March 25, 2011

    mkt ahead...nifty 25th mar 2011...

    so after giving a scary downmove on unexpected and unfortunate japanese calamity, nifty showed resilience and keenness to stay afloat and maybe head a bit higher. but as pointed out many times, it is an exit on rally kind of market for intermediate and long term investors to get a better price on the rise.

    i had mentioned downmove till 11th march but the quake/tsunami effect had made mkt low 2 days after that. i had also mentioned it may stay buoyant till 2nd week of april but its more like a sideways movement and needs to go over the resistance of 5562-5600 zone.

    but again nifty has started rising in the last couple of sessions. but a more positive bias may develop if today the nifty can manage to close above 5490-5500, then for the next one or two weeks perspective longs may be held or initiated with 5400 as support and a deep positional stop loss of about 5340.

    a 150-200 point move is possible above 5500 if the resistances are crossed.

    Wednesday, March 9, 2011

    mkt ahead...nifty view 09th mar 2011..

    we are witnessing a rangebound but sharp intraday movement of nifty.

    on daily charts yesterday the 5492-5525 gap was filled. i expect the eod short term sideways-down movement to continue until this friday, after which it might begin to rise.

    again repeating, nifty has to close and stay above the 5562-5600 zone to move upwards.

    the medium term pullback/buoyancy in nifty iam expecting to remain upto the second week of april 2011, toward the earlier mentioned tgt lvls and at the most the upper trendline channel resistance.

    Monday, March 7, 2011

    mkt ahead...crude oil(follow up)...

    wti crude first tgt given 105 done, heading up to next given tgts 110/112 and 120(all in $/bbl).

    mcx crude oil positional call/view given on twitter 2-3 days ago "mcx crudeoil current series fut closing above 4616-4620, tgt roughly 4940 and 5100, support below 4400 sl 3800 closing basis".

    Wednesday, March 2, 2011

    mkt ahead...03rd mar 2011...

    i have been maintaining view that we will have pullbacks upto 5550 and 5800 and intermediate to long term investors should use this opportunity to exit their delivery holdings at a much better price at those lvls.

    accordingly we had movement till 5550 and more upto 5600 in short term and need consistent closings above those so nifty can head upto that channel upper resistance near 5800 as shown in above spot nifty chart.

    dii fii net cash figures:

    in the futures segment looks like net short covering in nifty futures of about 2500 contracts(net buy Rs.1104 crores) and in stock futures of about 5000(net buy Rs.472 crores) contracts by the fii's in yday's trading session. put writing at 5400 and 5500 strikes and call option buying of 5700 and 5800 strikes is also seen.

    so the combined cash buying by both dii's and largely by fiii's coupled with short covering saw nifty suddenly gaining about 3.5% in yesterday's trading session.

    Sunday, February 27, 2011

    mkt ahead...crudeoil...

    long time back i had maintained that the rally in international(wti, nymex etc) crude was just a pullback of previous fall from $150/bbl lvls.

    but the sudden upmove of last many days on the charts on the back of global events suggests a fresh bullishness might be there in crude and might remain at elevated lvls with slight profit bookings in between, as such the tgt $105-$110(112)/bbl now being revised upward to $120/bbl (with a support near $85/bbl) in intermediate term till further update on this.

    Friday, February 25, 2011

    mkt ahead...25th feb 2011...

    it was said nifty has entered into bearish intermediate cycle and likely to move toward 4800 in medium to intermediate term and to exit delivery positions on pullback to 5500 and 5800.

    the 5550-5600 bounce is done, but a larger pullback after consolidation near 5400 was expected after budget. but yday's sudden selling broke the nifty below imp 5380 lvl again, as such it might again test the uptrend channel lower side. at this point it is not very clear at what lvl it will find strong buying support.

    therefore long positions should not be initiated unless it shows a short term bullishness on eod charts.

    due to volatility and sudden swings, intraday trading should best be avoided unless one is very quick and maintains strict stoplosses and carries small positions.

    Wednesday, February 23, 2011

    mkt ahead...revisiting my views on crude...

    posted again on 5th dec 2010 and staying firm on my long term views on international crude price likely movement and tgts which has been always very very accurate.

    here it goes for those who missed reading(
    "follow-up on my crude long term tgts...

    on stock market forums readers may be aware of the accuracy of my outlook on crude.

    2.5-3 yrs ago on chats and discussion forum/s i had given major tgt 100 and after crossing that straightaway major long term tgt of 150 and no more when even most of the big international fund houses and brokerages and others were predicting 200+ dollars per bbl. accordingly we had reaction from near 148. after which my tgts on downside was 100 initially. on breaking 100 the tgt was revised to fresh one at 70 and when that was also reached i gave a final bottom for crude at 34(some people interested in crude futures and followed the technical forum had actually covered their shorts there). crude bottomed near 35 and then started its pullback.

    this year too(early 2010) elsewhere on the blog my major tgts were 90 and 105-110 and 70 as a good support lvl. i had also said so far it was only a pullback of the big downmove that we had in the second half of year 2008.

    we've seen somewhere just near/below crude taking support and then slowly moving up.

    we now have a breakout on the upperside on crude after almost seven months. my tgt of 90 is done and near to 92 some minor profit booking might be possible. if it rallies up and crosses 110 in intermediate to long term then a relook at revising the long term tgts again will have to be done."

    accordingly crude reacted from 92.5-93 and underwent minor correction (85) as given in my views.

    now crude has crossed above 93 and moving up whatever maybe the news, it was projected long time back by me, chances are probably the long term tgts could be achieved if this bullishness continues in coming months.
    (views based on technicals and ew theory)

    Monday, February 21, 2011

    mkt ahead...21st feb 2011...

    nifty pulled back above 5550 and moved to 5600 but a swift slide in second half on friday brought it toward 5450 lvl.

    at the moment seems like quick profit booking. if 5375 is held on closing basis then it can remain range bound for some days and then again may try to move toward 5600 odd lvls.

    5800 and above it faces resistance again on its upmove in medium term.

    the follow up on my earlier views on nifty is as given in chart below:

    Monday, February 14, 2011

    mkt ahead...14th feb 2011...

    5350 odd was broken and nifty closed below it, confirming medium to intermediate term bearishness. however on the back of  bounce last trading session it might still continue as a dead cat bounce till 100 points more in near term.

    if after that nifty is able to sustain above 5415-5420, then can take it near 5550 till budget .  if some positive news is there then the pullback could continue upto 5850 etc.

    Thursday, February 10, 2011

    market ahead...10th feb 2011...

    lots of damage done on the charts and they have turned very bearish perhaps a bearish phase is getting started although nifty is trading near trendchannel support 5200 now(should not consistently close below 5150 to prevent continued downmove toward 4700-4800).

    any bullishness on charts presently will be above 5900 which is far away.

    short to medium term investors can use any such bounce from lower lvls to trade long, if any close above 5373/5389 this friday, bias will be positive.

    strategy/outlook for intermediate(6 months to 1 year) and long term(1 year or more) investors use any pullback over next 3-6 weeks to exit all delivery positions at better prices. use pullback which is possible initially to 5550 and then upto 5850 etc.  if during any such pullback over 2 months it trades above say 5900 then do not exit.
    if any bullishness/buying opportunity comes at any time or lvls for such delivery positions/investors then it will be updated here.

    ***these are my views only, pls read the disclaimer above.

    Wednesday, February 9, 2011

    mkt ahead...09th feb 2011...

    clearly nifty has entered bearish intermediate cycle. no good buying has taken place and selling has still not subsided. the 5350-5400 crucial support zone was broken on eod charts and nifty just managed to close above 5300 where some small supports do exist. but a lot of damage seen on charts which can possibly make the slide continue toward 5200 in current downmove.

    if the reader can recall, many days ago i had observed that if nifty starts trading below the rising trendchannel and also below 5690, then it will be approaching its lower end at somewhere near 5200 from where a pullback can occur.

    positive news is right now it is in oversold territory and so good chance of that bounce happening in a couple of days, which might be used by medium to long term players to further sell again or exit.

    in next couple of days closing above 5390/5400 will be better for upward movement of the nifty. if the resistance of 5562(which was given as sl for positional short players) is somehow taken out, then movement till 5750-5800 can take place. if such exit at higher lvl again takes place without showing bullishness on charts, then there is a danger of testing 4700-4800 zone over the medium to intermediate term, which is a very important support zone for maintaining the long term tgts on upside.

    existing positional traders who were short can think of booking/covering shorts near to 5200 if that lvl comes, and suggested to keep tsl near 5450 with sl 5562.

    posting again the rising trendchannel chart of nifty for the benefit of the blog reader:

    Wednesday, February 2, 2011

    mkt ahead...nifty 03rd feb 2011...

    as written in so many posts nifty finally reached almost near our much expected 5350-5400 lvl. there was no support by mutual funds or fiis near the 5700-5800 where some people might have wrongly advised others to invest thus making them further lose money in the 300-400 points downslide.

    so will the 5350-5400 will be the bottom? right now on daily charts it is oversold and trading below 200dsma.  it is important to understand that at the moment it is only an crucial 'speculated support', any such bottom can be confirmed only sometimes later when some upward bias sets up for short term. it is most important also that 4750-4800 is below which the long term charts(and hence the very long term investors) turn bearish. so as long as that is held our long term tgts, though delayed, would be in place. positive news is the nifty50 share earnings have been continuously upgraded till now. and the nifty50  is mid-way near 20 times earnings.

    nifty trading strategy:

    intraday players can keep sl 5400 spot and trade long for 5465/5538, if 5400 breaks short for 5388/5350.

    existing positional short nifty players can keep a sl of 5562 spot and ride some more downside if nifty slips below 5400, reverse position to go long above 5562 closing basis above which trend can change to short term bullish with short term tgt 5800.

    as given before also 5850-5900 remains a strong resistance to the upside.

    Friday, January 28, 2011

    mkt ahead...28th jan 2011...

    nifty spot is getting near to our downtrend sloping channel lower lvl of about 5505 which may act as temporary support, the downside as earlier mentioned is still bearish atleast till 5350-5400 since the resistance at 5900 was not crossed(refer previous posts).

    Monday, January 24, 2011

    follow up on intraday trading lvls...

    three trades were possible last week on our accurate intraday to near term trading lvls given on 18th jan 2011 morning, as shown in the above nifty chart.

    Tuesday, January 18, 2011

    mkt ahead...18th jan 2011...

    nifty spot(for traders)

    short to medium term:
    resistance lvls: 5880/5945/6140
    support lvls   : 5350-5400/5530

    near term:
    resistance: 5834/5874
    support: 5620/5560

    for today:
    resistance: 5735
    support: 5620/5580

    medium term view: if the nifty fails to go and sustain above 5900, then a probable movement till 5350-5400 would be there where there may be good chances of buying support by financial institutions and mutual funds.

    Friday, January 14, 2011

    mkt ahead...trend channels...14th jan 2011...

    if nifty stops following the earlier uptrend channel, a 'possible' down trend channel i have drawn that might come into play if nifty comes down below 5690.

    a bounce off it below 5600 if that comes, would confirm nifty to be following it.

    supports and resistances as provided by the trend channels lines.

    imp note: if the nifty closes above 5750-5760 today, then it also stays out/above of the uptrend trend channel and keeps chances of pullback continuing.

    Tuesday, January 11, 2011

    mkt ahead...11th jan 2011...

    nifty is again testing upper end of our trendchannel.

    Saturday, January 8, 2011

    mkt ahead...10th jan 2010...

    a sharp profit booking in leading stocks and shorting in last few trading session saw nifty coming down below 5900.

    nifty is moving toward oversold lvls on daily charts. weekly bearish engulfing candle signifies further movement in direction and nature of next couple of candle/s.

    current resistance roughly 6020, short term support 5840. any durable bounce from 5800 lvls may see rangebound movement of nifty for a period of time(short term).

    quarterly result season will be starting from next week in which stock specific movement can be seen.

    Friday, January 7, 2011

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