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    Friday, March 5, 2010

    fii and dii cash figures...

    since mid feb 2010 net fii cash flows have mostly been in positive territory while dii's have been on net selling side, the mkt trend is reflective of this.

    Wednesday, March 3, 2010

    mkt ahead...03rd mar 2010...

    nifty has moved exactly as per view given in last post(pls go through 18th feb 2010 post on mkt ahead). it respected and held the 4780-4930 area very well and bounced off more than 200 points. all our given upper tgt lvls are achieved today!!!

    inverted H&S and other studies give an approx tgt 5200 on nifty. its also in near to short term uptrend as mentioned earlier.

    therefore positional players long near 4830 can either keep a cl sl of 4780 for catching more uptrend, if left, else others also can book positional longs partially.(this statement is suitably corrected at 1.04 pm today on 3rd mar 2010)

    if profit booking comes, then a price movement upto 4900(neckline of the supposed IHS) cannot be ruled out.

    Sunday, February 28, 2010

    nifty f&o views/calls/strategies...

    as mentioned earlier, i would attempt to give my nifty f&o views/calls strategy for trading intraday via tweets which would be updated above this blog post.

    however it should be noted that,
    1) trading in f&o is risky and only for traders who are agile and who have a trading risk appetite.
    2) minimum capital required for this trading would be 80 thousand or more.
    3) updates to be given any time during the day.
    4) updates may not be possible in case of power/internet failure or any unavoidable circumstances.
    5) trader/reader is free to follow or not follow and take his own decision and discretion while execution, responsibility for any profit or loss arising is solely his/her own.

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