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    Saturday, November 15, 2008

    some significant lvls/tgts...

    crucial lvls to be held on s&p500 us(768),dow(7200-7400),nifty(1800-2000),sensex(6100) as given in earlier posts.

    above are 5 year lows for s&p 500(us), 10 year lows for dow, previous bull mkt brkout as well as very long term trendline support lvls for nifty and sensex.

    below those lvls danger of s&p 500(us) and dow to slip in structural long term bear mkt(recession) whereas for nifty and sensex may best not break those lvls as growth going forward it supports view of staying in long term bull mkt.

    if the next 1-2 years pan out as expected in bear mkt in stock mkts then gold it is undergoing correction 550 looks possible in a few years if not held maybe 400 max then upmove as per kondratiev bullish cycle. on nymex crude, 38 the lvl where it did a bullish brkout 5 years ago looks a possibility if 49-50 not held(all in $ prices above).

    pls note these tgts/lvls are speculative in nature and are as per my analysis on ew.

    Thursday, November 13, 2008

    channel magic!

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