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    Saturday, July 25, 2009

    new fibonacci calculator added...

    newly modified fibonacci lvls calculator has been added today(right hand side bar of the blog), it replaces the old one with all the important extra retracement lvls as an enhancement feature.

    Friday, July 24, 2009

    short to medium term outlook on commodities and equity mkts...

    on p/e basis nifty starts getting expensive on valuations 4900 onwards and caution advised for investors above 4650-4700 onwards.

    4480 is imp closing lvl for nifty, if closes above it for the week then upside upto 4694 is possible in short term. positional longs sl is 4306. positive opening is expected.


    gold still in bull mkt with bullish short term but approached strong resis lvl.

    for a couple of months the gold activity has been limited within 14400-15000 price band. resis 14994-15000, current support is 14870, one may book partial profits and keep a cl sl of 14750 for rest of the longs and wait for a brkout above 15000 cl basis with tgt 15600.

    crude is in a short term pullback in a medium term downtrend from 3500 in an intermediate uptrend from 2880 now touching near 62.8% ret lvl 3264. tgt 3325/3353/3500, support 3130, cl sl 3110.

    copper had bottomed out in dec 2008-jan 2009 and entered in bull mkt since may 2009, it is still highly bullish but approached a resistance lvl 270, as such some partial profits may be booked and rest of the longs can be carried with cl sl 257 for higher tgts of 300 odd once 270 is taken out cl basis.

    disclaimer: all general discl and as stated above in the disclaimer box.

    Thursday, July 23, 2009

    23rd july 2009...

    nifty eod managed to close above 4397. at the moment it looks like yesterdays sharp selloff on the back of net cash selling by diis and fiis futures shorting a movement till 38.2% ret lvl 4313 is possible if slides below yday low. nifty may become slightly bearish if today closes below 4280(sl cl).

    Wednesday, July 22, 2009

    nifty view 23rd july 2009...

    nifty 5 min 1 day intraday chart:

    nifty 5 min 5 day intraday chart:

    nifty hourly chart:

    nifty eod chart:

    two years of blogging!!!

    exactly 2 years ago on this day 22nd july i started this technical blog to express my learning and thoughts of the indian market and also to provide upcoming ipo news as well as news on the stock markets.

    iam most thankful to the readers, visitors and well wishers of this blog and kpl sir of for their support and encouragement to continue posting my thoughts and ideas.

    this blog has been kept completely free without any ads or pay service since its creation.

    on this ocassion iam also adding a camrilla and pivots calculator i developed, to be helpful for day traders and the likes. my fibonacci calculator on the blog may also have been useful to the traders.

    with regards,
    abhay r somkuwar.

    nifty p/e and 5 min intraday chart...

    reactions near imp fibo retracement lvls on 5 min nifty intraday spot chart.

    latest nifty50 p/e chart.

    Sunday, July 19, 2009

    nifty chart...

    resistances and supports as per fibonacci retracement on nifty spot price chart.

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