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    Friday, April 17, 2009

    a reaction around 200dma..

    fiis net (-738f&o+479cash=-259cr.), diis were huge sellers in cash stocks to the tune of 1125 cr!

    this had a significant impact on mkt as nifty came down from a high of 3511 to low of 3354 during the day.

    the uptrend is still on with trendline support as shown near 3300.

    3300 looks imp and below 3300 if selling persists it can move upto 3200 closing below 3200 will be bearish as lower tline uptrend breaks.

    we had mentioned about this criss cross/profit booking around 200 dma in last few posts before mkt takes a direction or reacts to come down.

    Thursday, April 16, 2009

    fii's cashflow...

    fiis daily net equity buy/sell(amount in crores.)

    fiis daily f&o net buy/sell(amount in crores.):

    20-mar-2009 95
    23-mar-2009 502
    24-mar-2009 203
    26-mar-2009 147
    27-mar-2009 255
    30-mar-2009 -817
    31-mar-2009 -1112
    01-apr-2009 694
    02-apr-2009 1884
    06-apr-2009 154
    08-apr-2009 150
    09-apr-2009 864
    13-apr-2009 337
    15-apr-2009 187

    it is well known that fii's equity cash and f&o buying or selling has an impact on the direction of mkt, since 16-18 march 2009 they have been on the buy side and mkt has been running up.

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