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    Friday, January 29, 2010

    fii and dii figures...

    equity/cash mkt data:

    Thursday, January 28, 2010

    mkt ahead 28th jan 2010...nifty eod(chart)...

    trend: short term downtrend

    trade day: big down day with break below imp supports.

    trading volumes: high

    macd: bearish

    rsi: in oversold region

    trendlines: some support and resis trendlines as shown

    significant support: 4800

    major support/exit(must stay closing below this for few days):
    4500 approx for medium to intermediate term investors
    3900 for long term investors

    -abhay r somkuwar.

    Monday, January 25, 2010

    just for fun!!!

    just for fun!

    being a small 3d enthusiast i have done some anaglyph conversions(not a big deal:)).

    have uploaded the avatar movie trailer on the youtube.

    check the video at

    mkt ahead...25th jan 2010...

    nifty continues in its short term downtrend.

    again an initial movement toward 5000 intraday possible due to weak global mkts.

    4925/4940 thereafter still has a chance and will be imp on closing basis. hence not sure of reaching 4800 immediately in a couple of days.

    resistances are placed well far above(near ones being 5094/5118) so the mkt has to do a lot on upperside to turn into near to short term bullishness even if any bounce comes after this downtrend gets over(maybe near or before friday). updates later.

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