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    Saturday, September 20, 2008

    nifty p/e chart supports...

    nifty approx likely projected supports.

    Thursday, September 18, 2008

    nifty outlook and tgt achievements...

    so the expected 3799 came so fast in opening trade itself marking our C-3-(1) and expected C-3-(2) started from there with tgt of 4082/4140 , will face big resistance above that to 4200-4250 after which if not crossed further selling will emerge to threaten 3799 lvls(C-3-(3)). my preferred tgt lvl for downmove for nifty is 3550 although in the long run i expect it to slide further below it since bullish signs are yet to emerge.

    apart from nifty, my nymex crude view also came correct as i said it will bottom near $90/bbl(refer post on this below) as well as gold near $735-750/oz(refer gold chart post earlier on blog).

    sensex and nifty...

    for today
    proj sensex low 12862
    proj nifty low 3882.

    C-3-(1)-v about to begin downwards today after which C-3-(2) up will begin.

    Tuesday, September 16, 2008

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