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    Saturday, October 18, 2008

    the subprime mortgage crisis...


    and the global economic fallout arising out of the financial crisis...

    so are we heading to hyperinflation, deflation, recession or stagflation?

    an interesting link with some views on this.

    Thursday, October 16, 2008

    my ew chart...

    my elliott wave analysis chart.

    the expected downmove did take place as shown with given tgts.

    iam yet to mark C-3-(4) and C-3-(5) completion.

    now it is quite possible that nifty may hold todays low i.e., 3100 and trade within 3100 and 3650 till mid of next week, which will be an indication of complex corrective C-3-(4) going on.

    on the other hand break of 3198 on closing basis with further downmoves will give indication of C-3-(5).

    after C-3-(5) completes, a good tradeable bounce will occur i.e., C-4 which may go upto 3500-3600 etc followed by C-5 that will test the lows formed or even go to lower lvls(tgts yet to be calculated), are pending. all this will still take number of days and weeks.

    this will complete the big A structure.

    nifty view...

    nifty moved as per expectation on upside as well as selling pressure again came in, as given in my 11th oct's post. i hope the readers were benefitted.

    now the recent low 3199 is under threat of being broken on downside today or coming days.

    after this immediate downmove completion a tradeable bounce will take place and finally a test of 2997 or lower iam expectiong in coming days/weeks, this view has also been mentioned in my previous posts.

    this is my roadmap which will still take some more time for the bottom for this year to be formed.

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