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    Wednesday, May 23, 2012

    ab tak...

    Rupee falls below 56('chappan' in hindi) to a dollar in today's trade crossing 55.55 and tgting lifetime spiked lows below 57 as given before !

    'ab tak chappan'(hindi movie) means 56( encounters) till now...thats how much the rupee got hunted down to by the US dollar.

    nifty p/e graph...23rd May 2012...

    my nifty p/e graph is as shown below with various tgt lvls on both the downside(supports for investing) as well as upperside(resis for exiting mkt) as per different investment time frames based upon its current and latest earnings picture. figures depicted are subject to change with any change in mkt scenario.

    lvls marked with squares are for long term.

    opinions/views/figures expressed are for illustration purposes only and are not an express recommendation to buy or sell. as such the author hold no responsibilty for any actual loss arising out of any trading/invstmnts acting solely based upon the same.

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