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    Wednesday, March 30, 2011

    previous nifty forecasted movement and tgt lvls till now(and afterward)...

    mkt ahead...nifty 20th mar 2011...

    after crossing 5500, each day the nifty is rising without any halt and buying seen in select large and mid cap stocks, and yet no all round buying in the mkt. right now it has approached very crucial lvls from where either it can turn down on profit booking or breakout on longer term charts.

    pls refer to my posts 10th feb earlier and later ones. i had clearly stated that any (fresh) bullishness in nifty will come above 5900, bottom will be near 5200 and on bounce exit for investors and trading long for short to medium term positional players upto 5550 and 5800 lvls for a better price. how many of the readers believed in what i had said?

    nifty has followed the same path as was forecasted and reached to 5800 today.

    referring to the above chart it is seen 5800 and 5900(current week falling tline resistance near 5950 looks difficult to cross)  are strong resistances to this pullback rally and above 5900-5950 range only if it stays consistently and for a longer time period, then a change of view of sell on rally to buy on dips may take place, but as of now i still tend to stick and maintain my views on the mkt.

    at any point if it looks like the longer term trend is changing to bullish or an attractive mkt to buy is emerging then i would update it here.

    Monday, March 28, 2011

    mkt ahead...nifty 29th mar 2011...

    the given nifty spot chart is self explanatory.

    i had given a hint in last post that one can go long/hold long above 5490-5500 closing for about 200+ point upmove.

    but nifty was extremely bullish on last friday and opened above 5500 lvl, stayed up and nearly hit the above tgt of 5664.

    large net cash buying by fiis can be seen on last friday.

    earlier the nifty had already broken above the falling short term trend channel as shown which had upper tgt 5664. infact in just a couple of trading sessions atleast 3 or more important brkouts have occured. now staying above previous high of 5600 it has the potential to go toward medium term resistance of 5800.  if the bullishness remains and nifty sustains higher lvls then 8-10% move in midcaps and 5-8% in large caps cannot be ruled out.

    but there are strong resistances like 200dsma at 5688 and 100dsma currently near 5750. the resistance zone is also shown on the chart. as such one should be careful here on the positional long trades and book profits/exit on any sign of weakness or reversal from this zone.

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