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    Thursday, April 9, 2009

    LT sma's...

    50x100 sma crossover not yet, one can very clearly see how imp the crossovers between 50 sma and 100 sma as well as 100 sma and 200 sma have been in deciding the mkt direction in the past. 200 sma is considered as a decider between bull and bear mkts, but during transition between the bull and bear phases a criss cross on its both sides may happen a couple of times, e.g., during a large corrective upswing.

    1000 sma is at 3673, 1200 sma at 3365 and mkt perhaps watching the nifty movement to 200 sma which is 3443 where it may get a reaction.

    Wednesday, April 8, 2009

    09th april 2009...

    sensex brk out closing above nov 2008 and jan 2009 high but very near to falling resis line.

    after opening low, nifty bounced back from earlier strong resis 3147 lvl now acting as support and also has just reached near the upper resis line.

    Sunday, April 5, 2009

    06th april 2009...

    there is some -ve divergence coming on nifty eod price and oscillators chart as well as strong resistances above thursday's high, so its a good idea to book some partial profits in longs. momentum is still strong and the uptrend is intact. nifty has closed above jan highs but sensex yet to cross hence a slight disconnect here between the two again. resis 3240-3250(nifty)/10946(sensex). there could be sizeable upmove if these are crossed.

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