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    Friday, August 19, 2011

    mkt ahead...19th aug 2011...

    as has been said for last more than 6 months about the nifty reaching towards 4700 and a roadmap chart/graphs also been posted on the blog, finally we're here to near 4800 ! readers had been previously been asked to book investment positions with accurate tgt 6340 and for those left with open positions on long term investments later on were advised to profit booking on bounce upto 5900 where indeed it went and turned back downward. and on final dip and bounce nifty could not cross even the initial fresh upmove decider lvl of 5700-5750 which was mentioned in my posts, thereafter coming down again on large selling and profit booking to 4700.

    have a look at march 2011 and before that forecasted map of nifty by me:

    so dear friends/readers, most stocks have come down heavily and looking good at cheap and attractive valuations. and after this big correction, the nifty is oversold on both eod and weekly charts and is near to major support 4780 or whatever and there is expected to be a bounce sooner but pls wait before making fresh investmnt.

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