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    Friday, August 10, 2007

    short the following futures for today only

    bharti below 862 sl 868 tgt 853
    icicibank below 885 sl 890 tgt 875
    nifty below 4353 sl 4366 tgt 4310/4256
    tatasteel below 639 sl 644 tgt 630/617
    unitech below 522 sl 526 tgt 517/509.
    sbin below 1646 sl 1656 tgt 1623

    arthikalyanji, i have given answer to ur queries, pls check ydays comments section.

    Thursday, August 9, 2007

    10th aug 2007

    so my apprehension as given on 08th august posting below came true "subprime worries to continue, if this was the primary reason for mkts correction, then it would resume again after few days." and today high flying indian mkts came down due to bnp paribas europe hedge funds going bust news.

    technically the reaction at 4530 was just near 161.8% ret level of recent fall and recent resistances and regarding wave todays high was about 70% of the total fall(in last years fall, the wave had retraced 70% and then continued downwards), todays close is just above support level of 4401.55 but since the bad news on sub-prime is continuing, we can expect 4367 followed by 4355 and 4340, any fall below 4323 it can test the previous low of 4267.

    the rise was lacking conviction and was on short covering, the fall is on much higher volumes and shorts are back, so the outlook remains bearish going forward.

    kalyanji, iam sorry as these were just ideas for today intraday and hope most of them performed well before mkt came down. i wanted to give levels for futures but since yesterday night there was bsnl net problem which got resolved just now. currently not giving any cash calls as mkt is in downtrend, will give positional ones when clear uptrend begins. thanks also panditji for ur appreciation.

    Wednesday, August 8, 2007

    09th august 2007

    4472-4505 area is important going forward for following reasons.

    1)13dma,15dma,20dma lie in band 4471-4487
    2)there are 61.8% retracements of 4647.95-4267.15 and 4624.30-4267.15
    3)some previous resistances are in this range and the previous supporting trendline (now a resistance line) passes through this region.

    in futures,
    airdeccan,educomp,idfc,itc,ivrcl,cumminsind look good for short term buy.

    08th august 2007

    todays tgts for nifty 4406 and 4440.
    support 4350.

    IT stocks to rally on RBI ECB measure to check rupee appreciation.

    some relief to mkt as fed keeps rates unchanged on expected lines.

    subprime worries to continue, if this was the primary reason for mkts correction, then it would resume again after few days.

    rnrl(fut) sl 45 tgt 48
    punj lloyd(fut) sl 288 tgt 299/305
    tcs(fut) sl 1090 tgt 1110/1120.

    Tuesday, August 7, 2007

    correction started again from 22 p/e, support seen at 18.65 p/e or below that near 16.50 p/e.

    Monday, August 6, 2007

    we have bounced near from a very significant level 4267 on chart. in addition, it should be noted that the retracement zone of rise 3554-4647 and 3617-4647 is also at 4230-4254 . 100 and 200 dma are far much below but we could not close above 50dma which is now at 4347.59. Tomorrow if mkt trades above this then it will face minor resistances at 4357 and 4370 and then major at 4404 and 4413. immediate downside supports at 4327 and 4305.

    stock ideas with positive bias for tomorrow are india cements, kotakbank, ifci, nalco and sterlite optical.

    Sunday, August 5, 2007

    nifty long strangle would have worked very well in current market situation

    1) date 26/07/2007:nifty bounced and closed 4619.80.
    1 lot nifty 4700 strike call + 1 lot nifty 4600 strike put= Rs.9185
    one day later heavy fall, total premium becomes Rs. 13507, a gain of Rs.4322 on strategy

    2)market bounced on 31/07/2007 and closed at 4528.
    1 lot nifty 4600 strike call + 1 lot nifty 4500 strike put premium= Rs.8962
    next day mkt crashed heavily, total premium becomes Rs.14277, a gain of Rs.5315.

    3)mkt bounced again on 03/08/2007 and closed at 4401.55.
    1 lot of nifty 4500 strike call + 1 lot nifty 4400 strike put=Rs.9555.
    if market falls on monday one can guess the outcome of this strategy.

    If the mkt had risen instead of falling then also there would have been some gain on these strategies. These long strangles work very well in a volatile market.

    All the premiums above are as per closing basis.

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